Monday, 12 November 2012

Imitating Christ: Sent Out

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Small Groups – Week of November 11
Preparation (do this prior to attending your small group)

Read: John 17:18
Reflect: Reflect on Jesus being sent into the world. What was He to do in the world? What reception did he get?
Pray: Pray that God would raise up servants to speak for Him in Toronto and in the world.

Small Group Discussion Questions

1.       Describe a time when someone prayed for you (or you knew of someone praying for you). What difference did this prayer make in your life?

2.       Have a few people from the group share an experience they had in sharing the Gospel message. What reception did you receive? What was the outcome?

3.       What is one thing which struck you from Sunday’s sermon?

4.       Read John 17. Share one thing which stands out for you from this prayer of Jesus.

5.       Read Matthew 28:16-20. What is included in the process of making disciples? What difference does knowing that Jesus has been given all authority in heaven and on earth make to you? What difference does it make knowing that Jesus is always with us?

6.       Read Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12. What gift or gifts do you believe God has given you? Does anyone in your group see any gifts in you that you have not noticed yet? In what capacity do you believe God has called you to exercise your gift or gifts? John Perkins writes: “I’ve run across a lot of fiery-eyed young people who declare, ‘God has called me to come here.’ Then two weeks later, when things get a little bit rough, they’re on the bus headed back home. God’s call doesn’t work that way. I believe the call of God is sort of a trap-He pushes us in and then closes the door. We can’t just run in and out. God’s call is when God nails your feet to the floor. One proof that you’re really called of God is that you can never get away from that call. I’ve met men in old folks’ homes who tell me that years before God called them with a message, but they didn’t carry the message. They are some of the saddest old men I’ve ever met. You can say no to God’s call, but you can never be at peace without obeying it.” Is there a sense of calling on your life that you have not yet acted upon?

7.       Read Luke 10:2. Spend some time praying for “our” missionaries. Pray that God would raise up more servants to go into the world and speak for Him.

8.       In concluding, have each person share one way that this small group experience has been of benefit to you.

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