Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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We have launched our new website! The sermon audio and small groups questions will now be posted here:

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Note: All audio older than July 2014 will still be housed here. So this blog will not be shut down.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

God at Work - 1 Luke 1

1. For the next several weeks we are planning to focus on living for God in the workplace. Go around your group and share:

 i. The job you wanted to have when you were a child and why;

ii. What your current job is (if you do not work for an income, share what you spend your days doing: student, volunteer, searching for a job, stay-at-home parent, etc.). How does your commitment to Christ express itself in your “workplace”? What Bible verses guide you when it comes to working?

2. Read 1 Peter 1.

3. Pastor Bill said that when we are settling matters of identity in our workplace, we need to understand the nature of our citizenship. What does this passage say about our citizenship? What are some of the benefits and responsibilities that we have because of our citizenship?

4. When settling matters of identity in the workplace, we need to understand the nature of our access to God. What did Bill mean when he spoke about this? How does understanding our access to God help us thrive in the workplace?

5. When settling matters of identity in the workplace, we need to understand the nature of our nobility. We are God’s children. What difference should this make to our lives at work?

6. What is one thing you can do this week to better shine for Christ in your “workplace”?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend (Sunday October 12)

(Skip 1:24 in to audio)

1. Many people take the time at Thanksgiving to share what they have been thankful for over the past year. Do this in your small group. Spend some time worshiping God for what He has done (with or without music).

2. Read John 4:1-42.

3. How is the woman at the well similar to people you regularly interact with? What insights for evangelism do you get from seeing how Jesus interacts with her?

4. What harvest is Jesus concerned with? Do you have any encouraging stories of harvest in recent days?

5. Jesus speaks of sower and reaper. What does each role represent? How do we see these roles in the church/in downtown Toronto today? What insights into ministry does the existence of these two roles give to us?

6. Do you believe that the fields are white for harvest today? Why or why not? How would believing this change you?

7. What do you believe your part in the harvest is? What are you going to do about this this week?

Transformation Prayer - Matthew 17:1-20 (Sunday Oct 5th)

1. Do you have any talents which you showed a lot of promise in, but have plateaued in as of late? Why would you say you showed much talent in this ability? Why have you since plateaued?What is needed to thrive in a particular skill? Is it fair/wise to compare a talent/skill to yourspiritual walk? Why or why not?

2. Imagine a wonderfully equipped playground full of kids playing. One is going down the slide, another digging in the sandbox, one climbing a tree, in the wading pool, on a swing, etc. How would you describe your current spiritual life by comparing it to a child in a playground? Why did you choose this image?

3. Read Matthew 17:1-20.

4. Have you ever had a significant mountaintop experience with God? Describe it to the group.What happened? What was the result of it (how did it impact you?)? What led you to thismountaintop? What can keep someone from finding themselves on the mountaintop?

5. Why might God want to reveal Himself in deeper ways to His people? How does someone become a person who longs for more of God?

6. What do you need to do as a result of this small group?