Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Vision for Effective Fathering

1. Share a good memory you have of fatherhood (relating to your father or a father you’ve see in action). What makes a good father? What makes a bad father?

2. Read Acts 20:17-31.

3. What are the four essential components that Pastor Bill spoke about in relation to fatherhood? [i. It takes is all you’ve got. It is a calling that demands our all. We need to be a living example going before the kids. We need to be an encouragement telling them that we believe in them and that they can do what is put before them. We are the best teacher that our child will have. From your personal journey as a parent or as a child, share with your group why this principle is true. Pastor Bill said that humility keeps the way open. What did he mean by this? How can a parent show humility? ii. Don’t go through life without goals. What should be the ultimate/primary goal for Christian parents? How can we communicate our goals and encourage our children to walk in these goals? Iii. Don’t mess with my kid. How can a parent protect their children? (solid teaching, our holiness, by our example, by our prayers). iv. Keep your stick on the ice. Be on your guard. Be active, engaged, ready for anything. It is a calling to be a parent. How can a parent remain ready to parent?

4. Are there any people in your life who grew up without a father and still (visibly) suffer because of this? How do they suffer? What might you do to introduce them to or demonstrate the love of God the Father to them?

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