Sunday, 24 November 2013

God's Auto Correct - In Crisis

Sermon by: Debra

1. Have you ever been trapped outdoors in a horrible storm? Share about this experience. How did you find protection? What thoughts were going through your mind?

2. Read Acts 27:13-44.

3. Pastor Debra shared that in any crisis there are physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Define each of these challenges. Share how all three of these challenges arose in a crisis you experienced in your own life.

4. When you've been in the midst of a crisis and your trust in God has begun to waver, how have you responded? What do you do in times of doubt?

5. How can we build our confidence in God?

[i. Take God at His Word (believe Scripture), ii. Recount stories of remembrance, iii. Come out of isolation and into community] Share specific examples of how these confidence builders have personally blessed you.

6. Who in your group needs confidence in God today? Pray for one another.

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