Sunday, 9 February 2014

Our Church Vision - Restoring Broken Lives

1. What has Bill taught about the vision of TAC so far (prior to this past Sunday)? When you reflect on these ideas, how do they impact/affect you?

2. The vision of TAC is “Restoring broken lives.” What does this mean? Who are the broken who need to be healed? How have you seen TAC fulfilling this vision?

3. Read Mark 14:1-10.

4. Pastor Bill said that as God restores us He causes us to have eyes for Christ only. Do you see this in today’s passage? If so how? Have you seen this in your life or in other’s lives? Share about this.

5. Pastor Bill said that the woman does not have her eyes on other people. What does this mean? What happens when we focus on others and not on Christ?

6. The woman does something beautiful for Jesus. Why might she have done so? How can we do beautiful things for Him today?

7. Pastor Bill said that it is never a waste when something is devoted to Christ. What did he mean by this?

8. Pray for one another – that God would continue to restore your own lives (perhaps share an area of brokenness that still needs His healing). Pray for friends and/or family members who need His healing. Pray that your eyes would be on Christ.

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