Monday, 3 February 2014

TAC - Our Church Vision - Our Connection with History

1. As a denomination, what is the Christian and Missionary Alliance known for? 

2. Describe something that you have had to rebuild or remake. 

3. What does the prefix re mean? What comes to mind when you hear the word rebuild? What do you know of TAC’s re-build?

4. Read Jeremiah 33:1-11.

5. Have everyone share one thing which stands out for them from this passage. What are some things you might learn about God’s work of rebuilding from this passage? [Pastor Bill said that when God does a rebuild God calls us to prayer; he said that when God does a rebuild it is a rebuild of people; he said that God rebuilds for His own glory.]

6. Recall some of the stories Pastor Bill shared from Footprints. Do you know of any other stories from the early Alliance? What is the benefit of remembering such stories?

7. The early Christian and Missionary Alliance spent much time ministering to the poor and broken. Who are the poor and broken in Toronto today? Pray for some of the poor and broken people you know personally.

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