Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Small Groups – Importance of Reading Scripture

1. Are you a reader? What types of books do you most enjoy? What is it about these books that you find most compelling/interesting?

2. Read Acts 17:10-15.

3. What is one thing that stands out to you in this passage?

4. If you were speaking with a new believer and you wanted to impress upon them the importance of reading Scripture, what points would you want to make?

5. Paul and Silas are devoted to the calling God has given them. How are you using your gifts/time/energy to pursue the calling God has put upon your life? What keeps you serving God? Whathinders your ministry?

6. What things do you receive eagerly? Why should the Gospel be received with eagerness?

7. Have you ever looked at Scripture to check something a pastor/teacher/friend has said? Share this experience.

8. Practically speaking, how can you make Scripture a more important part of your day?

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