Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend (Sunday October 12)

(Skip 1:24 in to audio)

1. Many people take the time at Thanksgiving to share what they have been thankful for over the past year. Do this in your small group. Spend some time worshiping God for what He has done (with or without music).

2. Read John 4:1-42.

3. How is the woman at the well similar to people you regularly interact with? What insights for evangelism do you get from seeing how Jesus interacts with her?

4. What harvest is Jesus concerned with? Do you have any encouraging stories of harvest in recent days?

5. Jesus speaks of sower and reaper. What does each role represent? How do we see these roles in the church/in downtown Toronto today? What insights into ministry does the existence of these two roles give to us?

6. Do you believe that the fields are white for harvest today? Why or why not? How would believing this change you?

7. What do you believe your part in the harvest is? What are you going to do about this this week?

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